Ladykillers Hot Sauces were developed to offer clients a full range of flavours and heat. Every meal has a hot sauce that fit its perfectly, and every hot sauce will make you want to eat your meal with heat! From tangy, to sweet, to a little dose of WOW!, Ladykillers Hot Sauces offers the best and highest quality of all natural ingredients and spices to eaters looking for a kick!

Since La Comida MTL Mets Préparé Santé is a female owned and run business, we wanted the hot sauces to reflect femininity— but also, badass-ery. So, we decided to go with a feminine true crime theme.

Each of our sauces showcases a different female serial killer. The bottles have a QR code on the back to take clients to read each killer’s story.

These sauces are seriously, deadly delicious.

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Our Hot Sauces

Each hot sauce was inspired by a different female serial killer from history. To read their stories, follow the links below!
Each story was researched and their stories are based on true facts. If you have other sources, or additional information, dont hesitate to email us!

Pineapple + Habanero

Jane Toppan

Thai Chili + Banana Pepper

Leonarda Cianciulli

Chipotle + Orange

Elizabeth Bathory

Jalapeño + Habanero + Tomatillo

Tillie Klimek

Blueberry + Scotch Bonnet

Nannie Doss

Sea Buckthorn & Habanero

Alice Kyteler

Tamarind & Scotch Bonnet


Ladykillers Hot Sauce is a Montreal based small batch hot sauce company

Ladykillers Hot sauce is a Montreal based small batch hot sauce company. We use only the highest quality ingredients when cooking up each batch of hot sauce to ensure that every bottle is filled with premium heat. Working with local farmers in 2020 and 2021, we use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, when possible, to help stimulate agricultural and economic growth in our community.

We are proud to use absolutely no preservative and no additives to change the color, texture or flavor of our hot sauces.  You can trust that each and every bottle of hot sauce we make is made sustainably and responsibly. Every sauce is naturally just THAT good!

As our hot sauces are all natural, we recommend sauces to be stored in cool dark places until opened. Shake well and refrigerate once opened.

True Crime Obsessed

Psychologists believe that our interest in true crime and serial killers originates from it being a way for us to explore a dark world of crime that we do not fully understand, from the comfort and safety of our own homes. At the end of a true crime book, documentary or movie we are able to turn it off and return to our normal lives without any consequences.

Additionally, our interest in other people’s lives and separation from the cases is what makes us so fascinated. The human interest factor – it is what draw us to tabloids. As humans, we have a morbid fascination with events that can have such an impact on the lives of others. The same base instinct that draws us to look at a car crash in some ways draws us to true crime documentaries and stories.

However, crime can affect any of us, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or social status. It can happen at random. So the fascination is a natural one to try to understand it more, in order to avoid the unavoidable – a true catch22.

When it comes down to it, the popularity of this genre can be due to our natural human interest making us curious about the dark and the different, but it’s fascinating to see it can also be because we want to learn how to protect ourselves from harm.

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