The vey beginning

Our Story

Every great idea begins with a combination of a mistake, a dream and a fearlessness to turn it into a real concept.

Ladykillers Hot Sauce was created just that way. After creating our first sauce in 2016, chipotle + orange, we sat back and did not think anything of it - just that it was a great recipe and the sauce complimented many meals we made at La Comida Montreal. However, in early 2018 our vegetable supplier miss-understood an item in our order, and delivered to us 20kg of habanero peppers.

Hot sauces reflecting femininity and badass-ery

Fast forward to 2020

By this point in time, we had created 5 incredible hot sauces, but no brand. As we are a team of all women, we decided it should be something that represented us. However, that wasnt enough. We had countless ideas, but finally found the combination of femininity and true crime to be the most appealing to us all.

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The team

The women behind it all

Ladykillers Hot Sauce was developed by La Comida Montreal Mets Préparé Santé - a woman owned and run business. As La Comida Montreal is the best meal prep business in Montreal, so are the sauces because of the two main women behind them!
Owner, Nathalie Des Rosiers, not only oversees the production of every product sent out, but is involved in the everyday preparation and cooking as well. She is the most hands-on owner you will ever see! She oversee's all kitchen activities and ensures only the highest quality in products and ingredients are received, and transformed, into each and every bottle of hot sauce we send out.